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3D Zentrum Zürich

The Forensic Institute Zürich is a world leader in using virtual reality to reconstruct the course of a crime. This video gives an insight into the futuristically seeming procedures at the 3D-Center Zürich.

short film, 7 min., Switzerland, 2019

Client: Kantonspolizei Zürich, Forensisches Institut Zürich
Services: Editing, Production, Direction

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Using a murder case staged by actors, the film shows how the 3D Center Zurich uses the latest technology and methods to reconstruct crime scenes. 

For example, perpetrator profiles can be compared using 3D scans, and witnesses can be brought back to the crime scene with virtual reality for the gain of more detailed information.

Prismago produced this short film on behalf of the police department of the canton of Zürich and the Forensic Institute Zürich.

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