"Streaming Nation" is a video installation on the split in modern Russian society, with streaming citizen video replacing the official media narrative.

4-Channel Video Installation, 36 min, USA, 2014

Client: SCREEN
Services: Editing, Production, Installation

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Streaming platforms like YouTube have become an important alternative for opinions and statements besides the traditional media. People and protestors have the possibility to make statements, as was the case with the women’s rights group Pussy Riot, to document an officially non-existing reality. These channels take over the role of the traditional democratic media by demonstrating the complexity of political and social issues in a differentiated manner.

“Streaming Nation” consists of private and news videos. The four-channel video installation shows a selection of the various points of view and media representations in connection with specific events such as elections. The diversity of the shown perspectives creates an image of what it is like to live in Russia today.


“Streaming Nation” was produced in close cooperation with the Russian curators Alexey Layfurov (Direction) and Liza Faktor (Production). Prismago was responsible for the cut and the concept of the multimedia installation.