SENN, Herzog & de Meuron and ZPF engineers are jointly developing an office building with around 10,000 m2 of floor space for environmentally conscious (tech) companies. The “House of Research, Technology, Utopia and Sustainability” sets a new standard for sustainability.

Matt Black’s American Geography

Magnum photographer Matt Black travels from his hometown in California's Central Valley to hundreds of other communities of high poverty across the United States between 2014 and 2020.

Meet the Collectors – Julia Stoschek

In this episode of ‘Meet the collectors’, German collector Julia Stoschek leads us on a tour of the Düsseldorf and Berlin spaces hosting her vast collection of time-based art.


For the first time ever, Kara Walker presents more than 600 works in her personal archive from the past 28 years: sketches, collages, newspaper clippings, and handwritten entries such as index cards, dream recordings, and intimate notes.


A glimpse into the life of a village for people with special needs. Produced for Werksiedlung Renan in 2020.


Open port day of the largest urban redevelopment area in Switzerland, which is to be transformed into a lively urban district in collaboration with the local population.


Three teams compete to revitalise a Kiosk in the biggest city transformation area of Switzerland called Klybeck-Areal. Produced for Swiss Life.


Werner Herzog’s workshop in Cuba back in 2017 was the context in which Adrian Kelterborn’s short came into being. In response to the decrease of theater attendance, the Cuban soprano singer Maria Dolores Garcia performs a song on the highly crowded Wi-Fi plaza in her home town.


The „Léman Express“ railway network was inaugurated at the end of 2019. Being the biggest transnational suburban train network in Europe, it connects France and Switzerland. Its core piece “CEVA” runs between Geneva and Annemasse via five new train stations designed by star architect Jean Nouvel, which are introduced in this film.

The War That Never Was

Magnum photographer Chien-chi Chang’s mother was born into a poverty-stricken mountainous region in Taiwan in 1938. Deprived of any proper education she lacked awareness of important historical events taking place in and outside of Taiwan. This Film depicts her perspective on life in Taiwan during the second part of the 20th century. It was premiered at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Red Bull Learning Space

An Installation about the future of education which is part of the long-term exhibit «Red Bull Media World» at the Verkehrshaus Luzern.


"Libyan Sugar" is a documentation of Michael Christopher Brown’s journey through the course of the Libyan revolution. A thrilling video diary based exclusively on personal iPhone recordings which initially never were meant to be published.

Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books

Made for King Juan II of Castile & Leon and perhaps owned by Isabella of Spain, this royal manuscript depicts a world map from just before the Age of Discovery. It is classified as an illuminated manuscript on vellum made in Castille, Spain, c. 1425.

Kantonspolizei Zurich

The Zurich police is organised into seven main divisions one of which is responsible for the safety at the airport. This short film summarizes their most important tasks and responsibilities.

Bongo Fever

A documentary about Tanzania's drug and HIV problem by Magnum photographer Chien-chi Chang, commissioned by Médecins du Monde.


The video documentation "Thalerhof" tells the tragic story of a family in Austria during the First World War. A young girl remembers and explains her great-grandfather's fate.

3D Zentrum Zürich

The Forensic Institute Zürich is a world leader in using virtual reality to reconstruct the course of a crime. This video gives an insight into the futuristically seeming procedures at the 3D-Center Zürich.


“Fieber” is the cinematic adaptation to the musical composition "Fieber" (2010) by David Sonton Caflisch.


A one-take audio visual documentation of a performative sound-space composition, created by students. Combining their knowledge from various artistic courses of studies, they were able to create an unusual installation which was exhibited at the Zeiträume Festival in Basel.

I Don`t Need To Know You

Applications like Tinder or Grindr promise to find us a perfect match, and we are glad about it - the more we know about the other person the better we feel. But even in this generation of hyper connectivity, the wild, untamed side of our nature still finds a way to express itself.


"Streaming Nation" is a video installation showcasing the split in modern Russian society, which is made from privately recorded and streamed videos replacing the official media narrative. The project shows an intriguing perspective on the Russian presidential elections in 2012.

Chicken Skin

"Chicken Skin" is a subconscious ballad by photographer Mara Catalan. It is made from digital photographs taken mainly in Berlin, turned into negatives, printed in a darkroom and then edited into a short four minute photo film.

SBB Léman Express

The „Léman Express“ railway network was inaugurated at the end of 2019. Being the biggest transnational suburban train network in Europe, it connects France and Switzerland.

Klangwald 2.0

A space and sound installation by musician Stefan Baumann. Whoever enters his «Sound-forest lab» can experience music from all angles.

Main Drift

Main Drift setzt sich mit den immer abrufbaren, konsumierbaren und populären Bildströmen von Pornografie und Gewalt auseinander.