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One-take filmic documentation of a performative sound-space composition during the Zeiträume festival.

video documentation, 75 min, Switzerland, 2019

Client: Zeiträume Festival Basel
Services: Editing, Production, Concept, Direction

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„Boundaries are fictitious, no matter whether they are the borders between countries or continents, between ethnic groups or between classes: they only emerge in a language striving for order and subdivision.“ – https://www.fhnw.ch/de/die-fhnw/hochschulen/hgk/institute/institut-innenarchitektur-und-szenografie/projekte/ueberlaufer-eine-performative-klang-raum-komposition

A collaboration of students from the Music Academy Basel, the Hochschule für Musik, FHNW and the Institut für Innenarchitektur und Szenografie, HGK, FHNW resulted in a large scale sound-space composition in the Zollhalle Basel during the ZeitRäume Festival (Biennale for New Music and Architecture).

direction: Adrian Kelterborn

camera: Jonas Jäggy

editing: Adrian Kelterborn & Anouk Stucky

production: Prismago

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